Wisdom Panel – Dog Breed Analysis Test Launched

WP_2.0_Logo_1_8_15The Wisdom Panel® Insights Dog DNA Test for all mixed-breed, designer or purebred dogs is now available to purchase through our online webshop, priced at just £61.60 (inc. VAT)  including free UK postage.

This test was developed and is exclusively licensed to Mars Veterinary. For more information on the Wisdom Panel test and what it can tell you please see our webpage.  To order this test, please select your breed or crossbreed in our webshop and follow the step-by-step ordering system.

BUY NOW >>We’re excited to be able to offer you the ability to purchase this test through our webshop and value your custom. By buying from the Animal Health Trust DNA Testing Service, you are helping to support further research into inherited diseases in dogs.