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Ordering a DNA test (7)

What type of sample do I need to send?



Our Canine DNA tests and profiling  are carried out using non invasive mouth swabs to obtain samples.

A sampling kit will be sent to you when you order, this will contain all you need to supply a sample for testing.

We can only accept swabs issued by the Animal Health Trust Genetic Services department – they are easily identifiable by our logo on the packaging.

Please do not send other swabs which may not be accepted and will delay testing

Our cat PKD test requires 1ml of EDTA blood to be supplied.


Why can’t I order parentage testing online

The Animal Health Trust DNA testing service offers parentage testing for dogs.

This cannot currently be ordered online, due to the additional information required to perform this analysis in full.

If you are interested in parentage analysis please click below.

Parentage analysis details

What do I do if I have ordered a test I no longer want?

If you no longer wish to use an ordered test, please contact our customer services team who will arrange for any required refund.

Please note that once a swab kit has been sent out postage is non refundable. See terms and conditions for full details.




How long will my results take to come through?

We understand how important the health of your dogs is to you.

With this in mind we aim to get results back to you with in 2 weeks of receiving the sample in our lab.

Please always allow 2-3 days from posting to us receiving the samples, when posted in the UK. Longer if the samples are sent from outside the UK.

All results are reported as soon as they are ready and have been through our QC processes.

It has been more than 2 weeks since I sent my samples back?

On occasion results can take longer than 2 weeks.

All of our samples and results go through a number of Quality Control processes to ensure we are offering you the best and most reliable service possible.

No result is issued if these processes are not satisfied. This means that we may need to repeat the analysis, this is why we ask for 2 swabs.

These repeats are performed at no additional cost to yourself, but may mean a result take a day or 2 longer.


How much does it cost?

The price for each tested is listed on our webshop.

The price for different tests can vary, this is due to the different technical methods involved in the analysis.

We aim to price our tests competitively, with any surplus being re-invested into our comprehensive research programme into animal disease and welfare.

By Buying from the Animal Health Trust DNA testing service, you are helping to support further research in to inherited diseases in dogs.

More information on our current research and how you could help can be found on the Animal health trust main website.


Is there a minimum age my dogs can be tested?

It is recommended that the pups are at least 4 weeks old and weaned before taking the swab.

Ideally the pups should not have eaten for 2 hours before the swab is taken and have there mouths rinsed with water.

If there are several puppies in a litter and being tested, it is preferable to keep the pups apart while taking the swabs.

The swab sampling kits are stable at room temperature so can be ordered when the pups are younger, ready for use once weaned.


Which tests are available for my breed?

All our tests, excluding parentage analysis, are available to order through out website. To locate the tests for your breed click the “order now” button on the home page.button-2

Then select the first letter of your breed name. This will then show you a list of all the tests available for your breed.

Please note that breeds are under the first letter of there full title e.g. Minature daschunds can be found under “M”.

What is my breed is not listed?

We apologise if your breed does not appear on our list.

If you breed is not listed, this means that we have no specific disease tests available. We can still provide profile/parentage analysis. If you wish us to add your breed please contact us and we will do this for you.


Test process (7)

Does a veterinary surgeon have to take the sample?

Whilst we are happy for owners to take swabs themselves, some breed clubs have rules in place stating that a vet must take the sample. For this reason please check with your club before you take the sample.

For the CAT PKD which requires a blood sample, the sample must be taken by a vet.

For the parentage test, do you need a sample from both parents?

We require samples from the mother, the offspring and all possible fathers.

It is recommended that all pups from a litter are included in the parentage analysis due to the possibility of split litters ( different pups having different fathers).

Parentage analysis is performed on the samples provided and any results given apply to the supplied mating.

Further information can be found by clicking below

Parentage analysis



I submitted more than one sample for testing but have not received all results together?

If you are waiting for more than one test result, they may not all be reported at the same time.

If I order two tests at the same time (for example L2HGA and HC) will I get the results for the two tests at the same time?

Turnaround times for tests may differ; we will send you separate results for each test as soon as they are ready.

How am I notified of test results?

When ordering via the Webshop you can choose how you would like to receive your test results. The quickest way is by email which will have your certificate attached as a PDF document.

All other orders will receive results by email as above unless specified on the Request for DNA Testing form.


I have a research kit; can I submit a sample for a DNA test using this?

No, research kits are only for use by the research department.

Technical questions (4)

I have been asked to send another set of samples, why?

If we have requested additional swabs from you, we require these to be able to completed the analysis in full for you.

Our tests are covered by a set of QC procedures that ensure that you can be confident in the results you receive. If at any point a sample fails to meet the requirements of these processes we may request an additional sample from you.

Some reasons for requesting another sample include: Physical damage in the post, insufficient DNA recovered during processing.

If we require an additional sample we will contacted you, giving you information on why a repeat sample is needed and sending a new sampling kit.

The additional swabs are supplied and processed at no extra cost to you.



How long do I dry my swabs for?

Swabs should be left to air dry for 10-15 mins.

More time can be given if your dog has a very wet mouth.



Does a DNA profile give information on a dogs breed?

A DNA profile will not give any information on the breed of the dog being testing.

The wisdom panel dog breed analysis test can be used to determine the breed make up of your dog.

The option to order both of these tests appears under each breed, if you are ordering a Wisdom panel to determine the breed make up of your dog you can order this under the most predominate breed ( the one you most recognise) or under cross breed.