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Test process

Does a veterinary surgeon have to take the sample?

Whilst we are happy for owners to take swabs themselves, some breed clubs have rules in place stating that a vet must take the sample. For this reason please check with your club before you take the sample.

For the CAT PKD which requires a blood sample, the sample must be taken by a vet.

For the parentage test, do you need a sample from both parents?

We require samples from the mother, the offspring and all possible fathers.

It is recommended that all pups from a litter are included in the parentage analysis due to the possibility of split litters ( different pups having different fathers).

Parentage analysis is performed on the samples provided and any results given apply to the supplied mating.

Further information can be found by clicking below

Parentage analysis



I submitted more than one sample for testing but have not received all results together?

If you are waiting for more than one test result, they may not all be reported at the same time.

If I order two tests at the same time (for example L2HGA and HC) will I get the results for the two tests at the same time?

Turnaround times for tests may differ; we will send you separate results for each test as soon as they are ready.

How am I notified of test results?

When ordering via the Webshop you can choose how you would like to receive your test results. The quickest way is by email which will have your certificate attached as a PDF document.

All other orders will receive results by email as above unless specified on the Request for DNA Testing form.


I have a research kit; can I submit a sample for a DNA test using this?

No, research kits are only for use by the research department.