You can view our FAQs below. If you have a question that is not covered please contact us.

Technical questions

I have been asked to send another set of samples, why?

If we have requested additional swabs from you, we require these to be able to completed the analysis in full for you.

Our tests are covered by a set of QC procedures that ensure that you can be confident in the results you receive. If at any point a sample fails to meet the requirements of these processes we may request an additional sample from you.

Some reasons for requesting another sample include: Physical damage in the post, insufficient DNA recovered during processing.

If we require an additional sample we will contacted you, giving you information on why a repeat sample is needed and sending a new sampling kit.

The additional swabs are supplied and processed at no extra cost to you.



How long do I dry my swabs for?

Swabs should be left to air dry for 10-15 mins.

More time can be given if your dog has a very wet mouth.



Does a DNA profile give information on a dogs breed?

A DNA profile will not give any information on the breed of the dog being testing.

The wisdom panel dog breed analysis test can be used to determine the breed make up of your dog.

The option to order both of these tests appears under each breed, if you are ordering a Wisdom panel to determine the breed make up of your dog you can order this under the most predominate breed ( the one you most recognise) or under cross breed.